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South Dakota Buffalo Hunts

South Dakota Trophy Buffalo Hunts

South Dakota Trophy Buffalo Hunts

Whether you’re looking for a cow or a meat bull to fill the freezer or a true Trophy Buffalo for your home or office, we have an option for you! If you’re looking to keep the hide, December-February are typically the best times to hunt.  Our buffalo hunts are fully structured hunts on private ground in South Dakota amongst 9 miles of canyons and cuts. Although, this is hunting, and one cannot guarantee anything…there is no reason why you shouldn’t go home successful!  There is NO TAG needed for these hunts, so we do offer year around options if you choose! All hunts consist of a max of 3 days and will include your meals and lodging. Price also includes processing and packaging of your harvested buffalo.


How much meat can you expect and what’s the price?

Cow – $3,995 with Aprx. 300#

Meat Bull – $5,995 with Aprx. 400#

Trophy Bull – $7,995 with Aprx. 500#

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