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Trophy Wyoming Mule Deer Hunts

Mule Deer

Northeast Wyoming Trophy Mule Deer Hunts

Our deer population is some of the best in the entire state of Wyoming. We are fortunate to have a good mixture of whitetail deer as well as mule deer. The mule deer have exceeded the Wyoming game and fish department management expectations recently in our area as well as boasting the highest density of whitetail deer in the state. We do not currently have an antler size restriction but do encourage hunters to try to harvest a mature animal to help manage the deer herd for quality hunting in the future. Our typical deer hunt consists of a 5-day hunt that includes your lodging and lodging. Most of our archery hunts are done from tree stands or ground blinds. Once rifle season comes in it can be a combination of stands and spot and stalk. We provide transportation to and from the stand as well as retrieval of the game animals. 

Deer hunt dates

Archery Sept 1 through Sept 30
Whitetail rifle Nov 1 through Nov 30
Mule deer rifle Nov 1 through Nov 20
Deer licenses are done by drawing. Application deadline is May 31

*Currently booking for 2022/2023*

Season dates are subject to change by the Wyoming game and fish dept.


5-day Sept archery mule deer cost $3,995
5-day Nov rifle/archery mule deer cost $4,500

Combo Hunt Price

5-day Mule deer/antelope archery combination hunt cost $6,075 
5-day Mule deer/antelope rifle combination hunt cost $6,595

Non hunting guests $150 per night

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