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Devils Tower Vaction: How to Plan Your Adventure

Whether you like to bike, hike, climb or simply just take in the view, Devils Tower National Monument offers something for everyone. Being one of the most iconic landmarks in the United States, Devils Tower National Monument rises over 1,000ft tall and overlooks the Belle Fourche River, Prairie Dog Town, many hiking trails, and much more. Devils Tower National Monument Road runs right through the park offering many restaurants to eat at as well as the top places to stop, explore and shop.

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Summer Vacations Devils Tower

Devils Tower National Monument

If you do one thing when visiting Devils Tower, it should be to walk the Tower Trail or Climb the Devils Tower itself. The Tower Trail is the most popular hike in this park. It has a paved trail that circles around the base of Devils Tower and ends at the Visitor Center, being a total of 1.3 miles. 

Devils Tower is known as the first National Monument that has hundreds of parallel cracks, also making it one of the finest traditional crack-climbing areas in North America. There are many different climbing routes but the most popular way to reach the summit is on the Durance Route. Climbing is suspended in June when the Native Americans hold their ceremonies.

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Mount Rushmore National Memorial

Mount Rushmore National Memorial

Established in 1925 and dedicated in 1927, 60 -foot tall sculptures of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln were carved into the mountain which is surrounded but the Black Hills. Mount Rushmore has grown to be a symbol of America which people travel from all over the country to see. 

Things to do:

  • Lincoln Borglum Visitor Center - located just beneath the Grand View Terrace 
  • Sculptors Studio - talks about the carving process of the Monument 
  • Presidential Trail - 0.6 mile-long trail to get close to the sculpture. 

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Jewel Cave

Jewel Cave

Discover one of the Last Frontiers in the World! 

Sitting beneath the Black Hills of South Dakota -  Jewels Cave is the third-longest cave in the world. With over 200 miles of passageways have been mapped out revealing the brilliant colors and fragile rocks that are not visible anywhere else. This cave is a true Jewel in the National Park Service.

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Rogues Gallery

Rogues Gallery

Rogues Gallery - also known as Devils Tower Frontier Museum. This Premier Gallery has the largest collections of Historic Western and Native American Artifacts. Specializing in Western Pioneer, Old West Cowboy and featuring American Indian Weapons, Beadwork and Art.

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Sturgis Motorcycle -

Sturgis Motocycle -

Devils Tower Country is one of the most popular destinations for motorcyclists due to its unmatched scenic route. 

Hundreds of Thousands of Motorcyclists gather in the Black Hills region and visit different sites the first full week of August every year. This year the Sturgis Rally will take place August 5th-14th, 2022, Celebrating its 82nd Anniversary! 

The "Ride to Devils Tower" usually takes place on the Wednesday of that week so be sure to book your reservations early, as this will be the busiest rally to date at the park! 

Learn more at the Sturgis Motorcycle Ride website.

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Prairie Dog Town

Prairie Dog Town

The Prairie Dogs are one of the most visible animals seen at Devils Tower National Park. Prairie Dog Town spans over 40 acres and is home to over 600 different prairie dogs. You can view the Prairie Dogs from your car or get out and hike through Prairie Dog Town on the Valley View Trail.

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When is the Best Time to Visit?

Devils Tower National Monument is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year-round. There is an entrance fee of $25 per vehicle that is good for 7 days. May through August will be the best time of year to visit but it is suggested to go early in the day or later in the afternoon as summertime will be the busiest time at the park. Spring and Fall mornings can be cooler out so pack layers. Summer mornings on the other hand are perfect, especially for hiking the Red Bed Trail. This trail will give you the most amazing views of the Tower and the Belle Fourche River Valley.

Interested in hiking in the afternoon? Joyner Ridge Trail is the perfect trail to hike after lunch since it is shadier than the other trails and often gives a slight breeze. Be sure to pack a light jacket to enjoy the Sunset and Stargaze from Joyner Ridge.