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Prairie Dog Hunts

Prairie Dogs

Wyoming Prairie Dog Hunts

If you enjoy long range sport shooting you will have a great time with our prairie dog hunts. These hunts are done after spring turkey season in late spring through the end of June. Prairie dogs are more active in warm weather, so this is the best time to test your shooting skills. Our prairie dog hunts are fully guided. Expect shots of 150 yards plus, as you shoot the shots may get farther! Good shooting out to 300 yards and beyond is a plus!


Option 1 (minimum 2 hunters): $550 per day, including night before hunt lodging along with dinner, breakfast, lunch in the field, in hunt transport, shooting benches, aprx. 6-8 hours of hunting

Option 2 (minimum 2 hunters): 3 day, 4 night, including meals/lodging, in hunt transport, shooting benches, aprx. 6-8 hours of hunting...$1,500

Non hunting guests $150 per night including meals!

A 50% deposit is due at the time of the booking to secure the dates and the remainder is due 30 days prior to the hunt.

All pricing subject to Wyoming meals/lodging tax and 3.5% processing fee  

All individual hunters will receive their own private room/bathroom.

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